Newsletter For May 2023


Newsletter for May 2023

Monthly updates from ToCo


In May, we'll give you the rundown of the best new releases,
and video from ToCo Music artists.

Here's what's in store for this month! 
1 AA Priority release, and 4 A's Priorities  and 1 B from ToCo Music 

AA Priority

Zaydro - Take Flight

Release: 19 May 2023
EDM producer whizz and Korean TV/movie music composer Zaydro has let loose another scorcher, this time entitled Take Flight.
The track has a driving beat, heavenly atmosphere with a spacy element to the lyrics, vocals and the sequence of the instrumentation. It will make you wanna dance but in a dreamy way thanks to the spaced-out lyrics.

The song is about how there is so much more to this universe and gives us a moment to think about that while dancing to this very vibey song. 

It is a perfect song to listen to in a club, at night with friends turned up loud or on your way home from a night out. 
It will be released on the 19th of May. Are you ready for lift off?


A Priority

Nightfreaks Ft. Espe Gaia - In The Zone
Release: 5th of May 2023

Dutch DJ and producer Nightfreaks collaborates with new vocalist, Espe Gaia and comes up with a banging new summer feel track, In The Zone.
The song has elements of pop and dance with a summery and enjoyable vibe to it. Perfect to share with friends on a beautiful day out. 

Espe Gaia brings calming vocals and intimate lyrics about wanting to be with the person she likes while other people are the problem. It is a perfect song to play with or for your lover.

Give this song a crack when you have the chance. it will be while worth your time.
Râ-Im - Nice N Sexy
release date: 12th of May

Cameroonian artist Râ-Im has just dropped a new dancehall single titled "Nice & Sexy," produced by the big Nightfreaks. The track is a perfect summer anthem, with its upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm.

"Nice & Sexy" is a great example of the infectious energy and creativity that can come from collaborations between talented artists. With its summer-ready vibe and irresistible rhythm, this track is a must-listen for fans of dancehall and anyone looking to add some fun and excitement to their playlist.

Nightfreaks' production adds an extra layer of energy to the track, with its pulsating bassline and electrifying synths. Together, Râ-Im and Nightfreaks have created a track that's sure to get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there until the early hours of the morning.

Râ-Im's smooth vocals glide effortlessly over Nightfreaks' groovy beat, creating a feel-good vibe that's impossible not to move to. The track is all about embracing your sensuality and having a good time, making it a perfect addition to any summer party playlist. Râ-im's style of sound is also inspired by French artist such as Maitre Gims or MHD

Give it a wild listen while dancing on the table.
Klaudia - Loverboy
Release: 26th of May 2023

Klaudia is releasing her new great single called Loverboy. it is a comforting song with a snappy chorus and verses that are deep and soothing. The song talks about her lover making life more complicated during the breakup stage. It is a story that is very relatable to a lot of people. 

It's a perfect song to listen to on your own especially if you are going through that sort of faze in your life to reflect on the situation. 

Do yourself a favor and give this track a listen. You will not be disappointed especially when you want to forget about your lover.
Nightfreaks Ft. Jesse Hayes - Embrace
Release:  26th of May 2023

Dutch DJ and producer Nightfreaks collaborates with vocalist, Lauren Fearne and comes up with a very positive and uplifting new track, Embrace.
The song has elements of pop and dance with a positive vibe and message to the song saying to embrace what we got in life and to notice what are the good things in life as we mostly look at the negatives. It is a prefect song to listen to when you are feeling blue and feeling like everything is going downhill. It's one of those songs that can lift your mood up and make you feel better. 

Give this tune a listen and you will already feel better. And embrace the moment listening to this tune. 🙂

B  Priority

Nightfreaks Ft. Lauren Fearne - Keep it coming 
Keep It Coming is a soothing song with a captivating chorus and is about how to overcome things and changing things in life to make things go forward in a better way. Is the type of song you can listen to when you feel lost in this world. To not feel like you are on your own with this feeling. It is also a great track from the instrumental to Lauren Fearne's emotional voice. 
don't miss out on Nightfreaks. They will keep it coming!!
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