Newsletter for September 2022

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Newsletter for September

Monthly updates from ToCo


In September, we’ll give you the rundown of the best new releases,
and video from ToCo Music artists.

Here’s what’s in store for this month!
2 A Priority releases, and 3 B Priorities from ToCo Music 

A Priority

Cliff Scholes – Break Away

Release: 06 September 2022

Cliff Scholes, a producer whose goal is to make music that tops listeners’ charts, is back with the brand new powerful single Break Away.

The message is a universal one of hope and spontaneity – to live in the moment and accept that some things are not meant to last forever: “There’s no need to wait, We were always fighting. Now it’s time I break away.”

The smooth electronic beat and soft vocals lull you into a false sense of relaxation before the chorus makes you want to get up and dance the pain away. It’s sure to take over the dance floor, just in time for the upcoming party season.

Nightfreaks Ft. MRYMI – Do You Want Me

Release: 13 September 2022

This September,Dutch DJ/producer Nightfreaks and MRYMI have teamed up to bring us a new dance-ready anthem Do You Want Me.

Featuring Swedish singer-songwriter MRYMI (Olivia Mary Lundberg) as vocalist and composer. Do You Want Me begins as a gentle, progressive song that brings MRYMI’s hot mood and sultry voice into play over Amsterdam producer’s delicious melodies and groovy drops.

The track is tailor-made for peak time performances on the main stage, leaving the audience defenceless before its immediate energy. It’s a stunning new milestone from Nightfreaks & MRYMI, sharing the love via ToCo Music.

B Priority

Undeniably You (Skeady Mix)
Elisa Cariera & Ryan Claud

Elisa Cariera & Ryan Claud are back with the new single Undeniably You. The track has been refreshed and one of the elements is the remix of the song done by Skeady.

Dimitar Folk

Dimitar Folk is back with his brand new instrumental track Pronto. Listen in and let us feel the vibe of the wild ride together!!!!

The Klubbfreak

Childsplay, There’s an exciting club sound on this production from the skilled DJ, from the first catchy bass chord right through the end, gaining strength with every count. Only one thing to do when The Klubbfreak hits you – move your body!






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